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Ken Truesdale

  • 30 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience.
  • Founder with successful exit
  • Public company Product and Corporate Development executive
  • Recovering early stage investor
I was originally trained as a photographer at (the once prestigious, now defunct) Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. I left school after a couple years, with the hopes of learning the finer points out in the wild, rather than at a university. I worked my way into the multi-media business, connecting lights, sounds, images and video together with rudimentary computers. The interest is computers took me to computer networks, so one night I took down the photographer marquee and replaced it with a Certified Netware Engineer sign.

I Believe…

  • Quality is Efficient

    There is no better path to efficiency, than consistently delivering high quality results.

  • Survivability

    Solutions must never be tied to any one person.

  • Communication

    Consistent communication and transparency builds trust.

  • No Limit To Better

    There is always room to improve; perfect does not exist.

  • Details Matter

    But let’s not let them get in the way of big ideas.

  • Iterate

    Small iterations get you closer to your goal, because the goal evolves.

  • Triggers Rule

    Everything gets a trigger, everything gets done

  • Partners

    Stay focused on your core business, and develop relationships to do the rest.

  • Open source

    Open source solutions should be option one for a startup.

  • Discipline

    Ya gotta learn when to say No, and when to say Yes.

  • Authenticity

    People and companies must be true to themselves.

  • Alignment

    The smallest of tasks, have their origin in strategy.

  • Data Driven

    Test. Measure. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.